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Managing Risk = Cash Flow

About Us - We Help You Generate Cash

Jim Blair is Unique in Industry


Integrated Risk Management Solutions, LLC delivers an innovative, industry-leading product based on a proactive, financially motivated and holistic approach to risk management - stressing governance, loss control and prevention.  Jim Blair is a recognized Risk Management leader and Global Risk/Compliance Officer delivering more than $200 million in corporate gains at three Fortune 500 companies.  Clients have gained millions in cash flow through the Integrated approach to Managing Risk.  

Risk Prioritization Finds Cash


Through Risk Assessment and Risk Prioritization based on the materiality impact on your organization, risks are identified and mitigation actions taken that improve performance, reduce costs and generate new revenue.  We help you develop Risk Governance that engages everyone in your organization to act as Risk Managers.  

The result is a stronger organization capable of sustaining long-term success! 

Why Us?


Organizations spend 7-10% of revenue on risk functions.  Most are divided into organizational silos with little incentive to collaborate.  We are a risk-centric team focused on governance of all risk functions with the goal of optimizing the expenditures for, and improvement of, risk performance.   We help you tap the "native intelligence" within your teams to identify, prioritize and mitigate risks - improving performance  that distinguishes you among competitors. 

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