Enterprise Risk Assessments

Executive C-Level Assessments

Through Facilitated Work Sessions with the leaders directly reporting to the CEO Risks are Identified, Evaluated and Prioritized based on financial materiality and probability of impact.    Risk identification results from field work by our team that delivers material cash-flow risks for consideration.   Risk Prioritization is driven by the C-Level Risk Management Executive Council.    

"Five Smart People in a Room" Technique™

Engages the Native Intelligence of the business leaders.  Through a focus on the risks that drive material "cash" impacts, risks are identified and then action steps prioritized.  Rhythmic assessment of action progress combined with nimble adjustments deliver proactive results.  Emerging risks are identified through this regular process.     

Risks Are Everywhere

Geological, Geographical, Geopolitical, Cultural, Ethical, Educational, Employment Pools, Currency/Finance, Leadership Risks, Technology, Partner, Regulatory/Legal, Global Supply Chain, Cyber Threat.  Risks evolve in a dynamic way that are increasingly impactful and arrive at increasing velocity and magnitude.  The Risk Management Executive Council becomes prepared to respond quickly to new situations and scenarios. 

Risks Are Strategic

  • Risk Governance and Leadership Development 
  • Organizational Strategy 
  • Cross-organizational Alignment
  • Operations and Location Strategy
  • Leadership/Partner Selections
  • Supply Chain
  • Regulatory/Legal Conditions
  • Global Information Security/Privacy