Cash Flow through Prevention-Centric Risk Management


Proactive Risk Governance Cascades Across The Enterprise

Organizations spend 7-10% of revenue on risk functions and losses - including revenue loss.  Your company can gain millions of dollars in cash flow through prevention-centric risk management with our guidance.  President and Founder Jim Blair is a recognized Risk Management leader and Global Chief Risk/Compliance Officer delivering more than $200 million in corporate gains to 3 Fortune 500 Companies.  

What We Do!

Integrated Risk Management Solutions, LLC delivers an innovative, industry leading product line based on a proactive, holistic and financially motivated approach to managing Risk - emphasizing strategic thinking, loss control and prevention.  President & CEO Jim Blair developed this approach  to proactively managing Risk.  Please  Click Here to see Jim's Bio!

The Model

The model creates lasting synergy across corporate functions by integrating the leadership of risk, health, safety, environment, business continuity planning, sustainability, security, emergency response, information systems security, insurance and claims management, risk finance, information management, ethics and compliance, fraud prevention and operations assurance.  

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Synergy Across Work Functions Produces Cash Flow


Portfolio of Services

Integrated Risk Management Processes - the 90/90 Plan

Governed by a Risk Management Executive Council meeting every 90 days for 90 minutes (the 90/90 plan), organizations capture synergy across risk prevention, operations and financial functions.  

Risk Management As A Service ("RMAS")

Interim risk executive leadership, prioritized material risk assessment and team development.

Risk Executive Recruiting and Mentoring

Risk executive talent is not easy to find.  We bring skill to recruiting, assessing and development of Risk Management executive talent. 

Security Systems

Physical, personal, network and information protection, privacy and information management.  Includes a Seven Step process to protect against unforseen information security risks. 

Revenue Recovery

Operations assurance, contract administration, fraud control and prevention.  Includes focus on the supply chain and supplier performance assurance.

Ethics & Conduct

The keys to the Castle are held by corporate culture and human behavior.  The Number 1 Risk is Behavior!  Top level commitment to Risk Management cascades throughout the organization. 

Portfolio of Services

Merger & Acquisitions Support

Program Management and Due Diligence for successful corporate restructures.

Change Management

Program Management of major corporate initiatives.

Incident Response Planning

Reponse Planning through top-level governace and decision making, principales on the 3 "Rs" - Recognize, Respond and Recover. 

Personal Response Planning

Individual emergency response preparation and planning.

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Insurance Program Design

Risk transfer alternative analysis and insurance design based upon determined needs and competitive purchasing.

Manage Your Risks Well!

Alternative Risk Finance

Alternate self-funding, captive insurance design.  Programs produce new cash flow. .

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Case Studies - Impact of Risk Management

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